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I am not getting alerts...should I hear a buzz?

I just got the Reporter app to track where I am spending my time. I want to be alerted every 30 mins. I put that in the Notification Settings I clicked on REGULAR and checked that off But I am not hearing the alert go off? Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Or is there a quick easy tutorial on line? Thanks Gayle

Very useful but missing something crucial

This data needs to be searchable for cross reference. When I’m feeling good, I’d like to be able to find in the all what I was doing and where. Same with feeling bad. The data is already there, it just needs to be searchable. Then it could be useful for identifying positive and negative influences in your life.

Hoping for changes.

I like a lot of what this offers.... However I personally think the sleep / awake paradigm is only getting in my way and wish I could disable it. Just give me X number of random or timed questions + a few specifically timed check-ins and I'd be great. Second, the color choices and font size / contrast ratios really are rough on me. I appreciate the bold design but wish it was a bit easier on the eyes.

Great app, crashes with last update

Using iPhone 6, crashes while trying to open. Started when the app was updated 2 days ago.

No support for iPhone X?

Been using this and hope to see iPhone X support real soon! Thanks!

Great, but could be improved

I love this app, I think it's such a cool way for you to track and record any parts of your life you want to, such a good idea. I can't wait to gather more data and see what results I get over time. However, I wish I could make more than 1 survey and name each one or put each one in a category or folder or something. So like if I just wanted to make a survey that's only about my sleeping habits, and another that only has questions on a survey that have to do with keeping track of what I eat, and so on and so forth.... I want to make different surveys with different questions on each one, rather than what it is currently - which is that you can only create 1 survey and you have to include any question you ask on there. My survey has become a question overload, way too many questions just on 1, I just want to create multiple surveys to break down the data/questions - simplify it a bit more. Also, I wish I could send my survey to myself as a link that I can take online, anywhere. For example, I want to email it to myself, to not just take the survey on my phone, but on my computer too. And yes, like other suggestions said - better visualization of data would be much more helpful. I love to see what progress or decline actually looks like, visually. Also, can you export these as a PDF too??? Or other file types? Might be another useful feature too. I really do hope you implement some of my suggestions. I think it'd make your app so much better. I love the idea of it.

Key feature is missing

It's really great app with incredible potential, but there's missing something very important - visualizing progress. Tracking is just half of success with optimizing our life, second half is visualizing data over time to see is there any progress, data alone isn't enough. I hope you can do something with this.


Gives me everything I need to record my activities so I can do data mining on myself. Interface is really easy to use and you can customize the questions and the times that They are asked. Everything I wanted!

Timed questions? Nice but improvable

This is a great app, I wish you could set up a time for some of the questions or at least set some questions to be asked only once per day (you can do it by putting them in the sleep category now)

Please fix long text! It empties out and you can't see the field.

Awesome app, but one nasty bug for long text field!

No sleep timer

Completely mystified why you cannot set a sleep mode timer. Apparently, if you forget to check in at bedtime it will continue with random alarms during the night. It offers an awake timer.

I want to remember.

I find this app successful in capturing everything I tell it. I believe dedication to creating your own record is really a matter of your own motivation. I'm motivated. I'm able to change and add questions. It has a sensor that knows more about my movement than I do. It reminds me of what I want to think about each day. It can be ignored if I'm busy. I'm doing this thing. I like it.

Wow! Exactly what I was looking for!

I decided to try and keep track of various metrics over the course of my 2017 and was overjoyed to find that someone else had come up with exactly the same idea. Fantastic execution! I can't wait too see it all come together throughout the course of the year.

Love the app.. needs some updating!

I have used the app on and off since the day it came out. 'Mostly' unchanged. The developers are great in that it has NEVER bugged out AT ALL! Requests: New filter option is GREAT! Need more internal reporting. Most of my questions are just true/false. Please build questions with true false into the filters!? Apple Watch integration. Purge feature to delete all entries and start over.

This guys are ROCK!

I love them. I am obsessed by numbers and use spreadsheets on my macbook for fun.

Unable to download

Just purchased for nothing.

Just downloaded, but already love it!

This app is just too cool. Very glad I found it.

Solid app, wishing it had a few more features

I enjoy this app thoroughly. I haven't experienced any of the bugs a previous person has reviewed. I use it in conjunction with Zenobase for analyzing lifestyle factors. Would easily deserve five stars if you could indicate times *not* to display the survey (I often miss the morning survey because I wake up later), and if you could assign a numerical value for "Select one" type answer (e.g. "I feel terrible" = 0, " I feel great" = 5). Keep up the good work!

Great app

Cool app for keeping up with personal habits

Awesome, but buggy

This is an excellent app. It does a lot of things well, including capturing succinct reports. I use it for quantifying my mood and my surrounds 6 times a day and I'm usually happy. The UI is buggy though. Sometimes it displays negative numbers instead of "1 of 9" question visualizations. Sometimes it duplicates questions. Sometimes the "report" and "awake/asleep" toggle buttons disappear. Sometimes the visualizations count two of the same multiple choice response as distinct entries. The list goes on. I'm not sure what to say about these issues.

Poorly Designed

The app looks pretty but is a horrible user experience - confusing to set up and operate. And, most importantly, it asks you the same questions every time. It doesn't make sense to ask me how many coffees I've had or whether I have worked out right when I wake up. Poor execution of what could be a great idea. Can't believe I paid over $3 for this!

Love it and can't wait for improvements

Love the app. Helps me keep track of things and the interface makes me want to use it. Problems/requests: 1. Dropbox integration isn't working for me. I sign in and it resets. 2. Ability to change the type of graph it reports 3. Ability to do reports you missed. So if I forgot to do my sleep one last night let me do it now 4. Online access to full screen reporting. I can do this on my own I Dropbox but the integration is broken so please enable one

Idea is fantastic, but I think the implementation needs work

Beautiful idea, as we're notoriously bad at compiling data about ourselves over a distribution of moods and contexts. I think there could be some small scale changes to really push this: rating scales w/ or w/o anchors, slider responses (to get at the nuances of things), bivariate visualizations, the ability to fit more characters into a question (cutting off at a few words), and integration with Fitbit (the new health sensor world). All-in-all, I'm going to work with it as is because it is such an awesome idea (and calming design), but I think some small-scale implementations would push me to the 5-star zone.

For power users

No frills, always works, flexible. Realize you need to configure the questions yourself. The best for those who want to configure their logging.

Deleting your idea accidentally is way too easy!!!!!

I almost gave this only one star for the countless times I've lost ideas I was in the middle of entering! I would give it 5 if this was fixed!!!

It's really the best out there

This is really the best app out there for easy personal data collection. You'll probably want to be some sort of a data scientist to put the data into a report, but you get basic histograms out of the box. It was co-written by Feltron, so Google his annual report for an example of what this will help you create.

Misses the mark

How it works: You create questions and then have option to create predetermined answer selections for those questions. Answers can be yes/no, a number, or any other answers which you define. The app randomly sends alerts that prompt you to check-in. You then answer the questions which you previously created. Depending on the type of answer, the app will make a report (either a line graph or a proportion) for each question individually. The bad: You can't set the times for the alerts or how many times a question gets asked. You also can't compare data. For example, if I wanted to see the data for two questions, side by side, I can't. The user interface is also terrible. It's clean but seriously lacks utility. I think the developer tried too hard to make it look trendy and forgot about function. I would not recommend this app. It is more trouble than it is useful. The frustration that comes from trying to make this app work truly outweighs the positives.


I had high hopes for this app. I wanted to gather the probability of how high traffic was depending on the day, season, temperature, etc. It records all of that but it doesn't correlate your questions to those important facts that are already automatically recorded. It's just a simple majority percentage % statistic database. Unless you want to know the percentage how many times you usually poop a day or how happy you usually are then go for it!

So close

I just wish I could do more things with the data. And, if not. I wish there were an easier way to get it into a spreadsheet. But we can't even visualize the data in diverse ways on the app, which is why it would be nice if there were easier exporting capabilities.

Favorite tracking app so far

Very simple, customizable and the concept of random polling for data is a great idea. I'm successfully tracking things that I would always forget to log in other apps.

Incredible app for self improvement

Use this to find the weeds and pull them out

Flexible way to track yourself.

I've used this app for about a week and so far I love it. It makes it easy to track almost anything that requires a user input (and a few things that are passively tracked). I'm looking forward to exporting the data and I like the options provided for that.

Reporter ❤️

Just reached my one year anniversary recently! It's so cool to have Reporter manage my data.

Are There in Fact Reports? Output?

It seems like a cool idea and I agree with the developer’s characterization that the input is both easy and readily adaptable. However, there seems to be no output. I’ve been putting in data for two weeks to the tune of 43 “reports” but I can find no trending data, charts, suggestions, etc. In other words it just seems like a place to store raw data. I read the FAQ and it says “trends will emerge” but nothing about how, when or the manner in which they will be displayed. It could well be user error on my part but I don’t get it. So far it is a fair amount of work with no benefit.

Great concept, poor execution

It's a neat idea, and the UI design is top notch. But the app itself is very glitchy. Sometimes the data you entered doesn't "stick". Labels randomly disappear from graphs. Small nitpick bugs abound that make me wonder how long the app author actually tested it.

Grows tiring after a while

I've been using this since the beginning but I've recently stopped. Why? I'm putting all of this information in and I'm not getting anything useful back. Also it is really buggy and the developers don't seem interested in fixing it.

Looks nice, poor usability

Too difficult to find anything you're looking for in this app. Good intentions but frustrating.


This app is really cool, it keeps a log of what I've done throughout the day, and it can hold you accountable. I have waited a long time for an app like this, it is sleek, simple to use, and has multiple uses. Very well done!

Fantastic app

With some performance improvements it'll be even more fantastic.

I've been waiting for this app.

I've been looking for an app like this for a few years now - one that will let me track what I want and then output that data. I love that I can add my own questions but there are a few prefab ones to he started with. I haven't taken a look at the export yet - but I'm hoping I'll be able to draw my own insights with a little Excel voodoo. Like another reviewer said, I'd love it if I could order my own "Feltron report" at the end of the year or something. That'd be pretty cool. Also, like another reviewer said - it would be nice to edit responses in case of typos etc. All in all, enjoying this app and interested to see what updates (if any) may bring.

Data nerd freak out! (That's a good thing)

This app is easily worth the price of entry. Must-get, don't hesitate. Any scientist will tell you that good data is key to unlocking answers. Well then, consider this beautiful app the lock pick. An extremely well-considered and thought-through customizable experience for collecting private information about yourself. Start with the provided questions, and then add a ton more as you think of them. Anything you can think of to quantify, you can track. Only downside is waiting patiently to methodically collecting all that glorious data. (But that is half the fun). As an added bonus, the developer is beyond responsive and enthusiastic about the project, responding to support questions over twitter and through the website in record time and at all hours.


I think it's a great app, and I love the ability to add my own questions. I think some users don't get what this app is really about. It's not a health app, it's for lifelogging; to see and measure the things you've done over a set period of time, like a year. My complaint is that I can't go back and edit my answers to questions (tokens) in case I make a dumb spelling error or I wasn't more clear in my answer. I also wish it had a built-in tool for displaying all of your data into one big data visualization, basically my own Feltron Report. Aside from those two things I think the app is fantastic. It's beautiful in both design and function.

Promising, but unfinished

Really great idea, and great UI by one of the best information designers out there, but Reporter only goes halfway. It collects lots of data with so much potential, but then doesn't give you any options for drawing insights from it. Raw data is all you get, no correlations, no ability to measure against other factors.

Great with one flaw

The app is fantastic once you are in it. My chief complaint is that when launching I have to wait for the splash screen and the opening animation. Please watch the older wwdc talk about app launch performance. Shoot for 500 ms please so I can get in and record as fast as possible.

Finally Stable

1.1 fixes all the stability issues. It's really good! Been using Reporter for almost a solid year now. Thanks for the update!


The last few updates have jumbled up answers and made things just a mess in general.

Great customization and slick UI

This app is really well done. The user interface is beautiful and I have yet to encounter a single bug or hangup. The app allows you to customize when you report and what questions you're asked. It then builds an awesome in app report on the results and you can export the data if you desire to further customize your reporting. Only potential disadvantage you should be aware of is that it doesn't allow you to report in the past, you can only create current reports that will be documented with your current location and current time. Keep up the great work Feltron!

Rigid despite customization options

I don't use Reporter to check in on me at random times of the day. Just want to be able to write a report with a variety of questions each night at bedtime about the day. The ability to program custom questions is fantastic. The fact that I have to tell the app that I've gone to bed and woken up each time I go to write a fresh report is annoying and results in 2 reports each day, one of which is empty. Further, cleaning up data is a pain. If I spell something wrong, like a friend's name, the app memorizes it and I'm forever stuck with bad data and suggestions. If I am in SF one day but want to go back and write a report for yesterday when I was in NYC and I write-in NYC, it permanently believes that SF is called NYC. And while you can export data, you can't take it out, clean it up, and reimport it. Also, it's buggy. For something designed to give so much control, it is missing some basics.

Really great. Just what I wanted.

After seeing a Feltron report years ago I wanted just such an app, with different question types and the ability to tokenize responses. This is a beautiful execution of that idea. No bugs for me so far. Probably the main feature I would like to see is the ability to edit time tags to be able to create reports in the past - this would be especially useful to me because I don't always have access to my phone. Love that data is all kept on the device. Export worked well for me. Visualizations are a bit constrained and leave something to be desired but hey - make your own with the data :) Felton doesn't use the app to make his!

UI needs work

Love the idea and ability to customize, but never really felt I understood the apps UI. Adding signifiers and feedback would help.

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