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Brillant concept, still unmatched

Using it every day, one of the most useful apps to understand myself better. Great new filtering funktionality.

Poorly Designed

The app looks pretty but is a horrible user experience - confusing to set up and operate. And, most importantly, it asks you the same questions every time. It doesnt make sense to ask me how many coffees Ive had or whether I have worked out right when I wake up. Poor execution of what could be a great idea. Cant believe I paid over $3 for this!

A must-have.

This app suits perfectly my self-quantifier’s needs. The execution is fast, the design is appealing, the UX is great and UI well thought (expect maybe for the toggle buttons — they make me want to swipe them… they should be replaced by checkboxes IMHO). The ability to make it fully yours by customising questions/answers is a big deal. I like the fact they won’t store the data to their server but deliver it to your Dropbox. The kicker is truly the ability to fiddle with JSON or CSV data exports. As a developer interested in data visualisation, I couldn’t be more satisfied.

What a ingenuous app

Well. Im marveled with this. How interesting is the perception of your day. You can no quantify your life. And the Ux. God! Explendid. Im a Brazilian designers and guys, hands down for this minimalistic interface. Kudos. Cheers from Brazil.

On and off

Am I suposed to remember to tur on and off when I go to sleep?? -.-


Great app! 5 stars now that I can change to °C Must have for data freaks! :)

This app could be so much more

Reporter app is a good app for surveying, not for reporting. You will find a perfect way to get questions asked, but the way you see your data is not very dynamic, versatile or intuitive. It should be called "Survey app", because it is great at that. For its price, it should be so much more than it is, I feel like Im paying for a startup instead of a finished app. And I definitely dont think the App Store is the place for that, there are other tools around the Internet to get that done.


Best logging app on the AppStore; logging is really quick and simple.

Nice insights

And cool that privacy is respected, I.e. No cloud sync is used or enforced. And also no need to register anywhere! I prefer to pay instead of giving away my most private data.

great start.

love it. the fun starts when you add your own questions. would love to have a slider to quickly input numbers (between 0-10). also looking forward to more advanced reports in the future.

money wasted!

useless app & uncomfortable. Better save your money for other apps!

haaaaaa ...

you Sir are evil-genius!! Nice UI, great structure to manage my data and a good way to track my daily life. Thanks for that. Really awesome work.. Keep on the good work! Cheers

Useless and annoying

Money badly spent.


Asks me the same 5 questions every day (and often at night) and shows some super basic visualization of it. Boring. The UI is not bad though.


Helps and very east

Very good Basis for customizable Reports

Love the Design. Great functionality. I use it to collect Daily Data (where was I, how much hours did i work etc...). What I really miss is the possibilty to edit reports from the past!!!

Great for tracking

It will be great to see what Ive accomplished in the future, and big ups for storing locally versus on a server somewhere! Super quick to use so Im not wasting time.

This is what data logging should be like!

Im a paying customer of Daytum and was really excited to see what Reporter would be like. To be honest this app is brilliant. The interaction of asking questions and gathering reports several time a day is exactly what I want in a data logging app. Its great to see apps taking initiative instead of waiting to be interacted with.

Good so far

The question "How did you sleep?" isnt displaying the multi-choices

Not very well-designed.

The app states itll ask for a report randomly but never asks for the amount of reports set by the user. Data is not displayed in any easily understandable or even readable way. Just a messy list of numbers letters and a line graph about coffee consumption? The interface is very sparsely laid out. Its not very responsive and usually requires multiple taps before a touch point is activated. iOS 7 does a good job of making touch points easily understandable without buttons or borders. This app does not. If youre going to use non-standard UI elements at least do as good a job as the standard. Whats probably even worse than the fact that the app simply does not work very well, sacrificing substance for style, is the incredibly poor taste in colors. The color themes provided are atrocious. At least they chose a very nice typeface.

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